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VIDEO | Juicy folding electric bike

Written by Anthony

Juicy have delivered a folding electric bike to Drayton Cycles their Juicy Compact Plus in Tor.  Do we like it?  Yes, we do!

The Technical stuff

A superb folding electric bike, with a good quality frame and components at a reasonable price.  The Juicy Compact Plus comes with a front suspension fork and a really comfortable gel saddle providing a lovely ride.  At 19 Kg including an easily removable 2.95 kg 8Ah battery it is the lightest Juicy folding bike and less than most of its competitors.  With a 250W 36V, Super silent, Hi Torque motor which maintenance-free and delivers maximum power and assisted speed up to 15.5 MPH (UK/EU legal maximum) This is probably more than you will ever need.  The bike folds down into a neat package and two bikes will sit nicely side by side into the rear of an estate car.  Folded size: width 18″ 45cm, length 35″ 90cm, height 27″ 69cm.

Our view of the Juicy Compact Plus

We love the comfortable ride, stability and with braking to match you’ll always feel secure on a Juicy bike.  Great value for money.

The video

We show you how easy the bike folds, in our shop at Drayton Cycles.   Two easy to adjust clamps lock the handlebars and the frame consequently making folding a piece of cake.  (can be eaten after ride!).    We take the bike for a test ride up the South Downs near Portsmouth just to put it through its paces.  I hope it gives you an idea of how easy this bike is to ride.  With its smooth pedalling action and powerful motor you can’t avoid coming back with a great big smile on your face.  To me that’s what cycling is all about, freedom and enjoyment.

Test Ride a folding electric bike

What are you waiting for come down to Drayton Cycles and take a test ride for yourself.  Whether you are a commuter or cycling just for fun you will love the experience of cycling all over again.   This time with the ease of an electric bike.  Check out our video and see the benefits for yourself or check out more information at Juicy Electric Bikes.

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